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Surgical Textbooks

We have listed below many of the key surgical textbooks that students, residents and attendings need to have access to. Use the Book Search to find titles that you don't see here.

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Current Surgical Therapy Current Surgical Therapy by John L. Cameron: "The eighth edition of Current Surgical Therapy features 280 all-new chapters, each written by an expert surgeon who offers proven, practical approaches to the surgical management of a given disease. Contributors have been chosen not only for their prominence in the field, but also because they are actively involved in patient care. Each chapter covers a condition that is seen with some frequency in thegeneral surgeon's practice. For faster reference, chapters follow a consistent format: patient selection, timing of therapy, preoperative care, operative technique, postoperative management, adjuvant therapy, prevention and management of complications, and follow-up. Diagnosis and pathophysiology are discussed only to the extent that they affect treatment choices."

Current Surgical Therapy is a very clinically oriented textbook. Much less pathophysiology is included. All general surgery residents should read this book in its entirety before taking the boards. It is less useful for the yearly ABSITE exam which emphasizes basic science more.

Principles of SurgeryPrinciples Of Surgery by Schwartz, Seymour I. 2004 Edition (Joint Author:Galloway, Aubrey C.,Joint Author:Daly, John M.)  My pediatric surgery fellow recommended this text over the Sabiston text for medical students because it is more cut and dry getting right to the issues currently considered most crucial in the management of a surgical patient. Sabiston provides more of a historical perspective that will add an additional level of knowledge but might not be what you need at 3 AM the night before a big operation that you are going to get pimped on.

Textbook Of Surgery; The Biological Basis Of Modern Surgical Practice (2004 edition) by Sabiston see comments about the Schwartz text right above. This text is known for being very opinionated. Many of the practices put forth are specific to the authors. 

GreenfieldSurgery : Scientific Principles and Practice by Lazar J. Greenfield (Editor), Michael W. Mulholland (Editor), keit Oldham "Dr. Greenfield's revised edition is immensely better than the already fabulous first edition. This is THE book for surgery residents or anyone who wants an encyclopedic reference to the field of general surgery, including the surgical sub-specialties. Each chapter is comprehensive, well written and as concise as possible. The figures are well-done and informative, yet not distracting to the reader. Each discussion includes basic science principles, biology of the different diseases, as well as pathophysiology and an overview of treatment  options. Especially well done are the chapters on breast disease, Trauma, and perdiatric surgery" 

Mastery of Surgery Mastery of Surgery (2 vols.) by Robert J. Baker (Editor), Josef E. Fischer (Editor)"Insights into critical decision-making in a comprehensive range of surgical settings makes this two-volume set the reference of choice. Key points in each procedure are demonstrated by a series of lucid illustrations. The authors offer their own recommendations and guide the reader to important literature via annotated Suggested Readings. No comparable text on the market offers this combination of authoritative commentary and comprehensive coverage."

Mastery of Surgery (2 vols.) Is a key text for senior surgery residents. I did not appreciate it until my third year of residency when I started doing more advanced operations.

Current Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment by by Lawrence W. Way (Editor), Gerard M. Doherty (Editor)2002 Edition.


Atlas of SurgeryAtlas Of General Surgery by Carter, D. C. (Editor:Russell, R. C.,Editor 

Operative StrategyOperative Strategy In General Surgery; An Expositive Atlas  by Chassin, Jameson L./Chassin, J. L.

Atlas Of Surgical Operations by Zollinger, Robert M., Jr./ Zollinger, Robert M. 2002 edition. Significant changes have occurred in general surgery since the 7th edition. Surveying these changes, the authors have added new chapters and new plates to their otherwise enduring classic, which begins with chapters on surgical technique, anesthesia, preoperative preparation and postoperative care, and ambulatory surgery, followed by atlas sections on surgical anatomy, gastrointestinal procedures, miscellaneous abdominal procedures, vascular procedures, gynecologic procedures, and miscellaneous procedures."

Pocket Guides

The Mont Reid Surgical Handbook (Mosby Handbook) by University of Cincinnati Residents, Mont Reid (Editor), Scott Berry M. D.  [ORDER NOW] I used this book everyday during my rotation. This book has also been recommended by visitors to this site. "Highly recommended." It fits conveniently into your coat pocket.

The Surgical Intern Pocket Survival Guide by Ronald Chamberlain, MD. This is another one of those pocket guides that most of the surgical students and residents carried around with them. At first it was hard to find things in it but then once you become familiar with its format it becomes extremely useful.  It lists al the components of Pre-Op and Post-Op notes.[ORDER NOW]

Handbook of Immunosupressive Therapy by Andrew Thomas.

Surgery on Call (1996) [ORDER NOW]

Exam Review Books

Pass the ABSITE! by Rafael Azuaje, Carlos Vieira.

Mosby's Usmle Step 2 Reviews : Surgery
by Koutlas

  Abernathy's SURGICAL SECRETS, 3rd edition :This book is great for quickly brushing up before an operation to get an idea of the types of questions you might be pimped on, but often it is difficult to find answers in it to specific questions or on specific topics.[ORDER NOW]

Surgery; Pretest: Self-Assessment And Review by Mcgraw Hill Publishing Company

Rush University Review of Surgery by Daniel J. Deziel (Editor)  This book uses a question and answer format to review the important surgical concepts covered by the surgical inservice, the surgical portion of the USMEs, and the general surgery boards. Each question is immediately followed by an extended explaination and then the answer.  This saves you from flipping back and forth to the end of the test.

Vascular Surgery

Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Vascular Surgery by Richard H. Dean (Editor), James S. T. Yao (Contributor), David C. Brewster (Contributor)

Vascular Surgery; A Comprehensive Review by Moore, Wesley S. (Editor:Bralow, Lisette). I like this books a lot. The sections I have read are very clearly written.  So you save almost $60.

Vascular Surgery by Yao, James S. T. (With:Pearce, William H.). I am not familiar with this book, but it is also 10% OFF right now.