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Medicine and Literature
The books below can be purchased online by clicking on the title or icon of the the book. Many of these books are highly discounted and most customers need not pay sales tax.

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Medical Dictionaries

These two medical dictionaries seem equally well respected.  Follow these links to the best price available online.

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary

Stedman's Medical Dictionary : Illustrated in Color (26th Ed)

Wilderness Medicine; Management Of Wilderness And Environmental Emergencies by Auerbach, Paul S.  

The definitive source for health care professionals dealing with wilderness and environmentally related illnesses and injuries, this guide provides specific therapeutic guidelines and reviews interactions between people and the environment.

Important Medical Textbooks.

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 15th edition by Anthony Fauci, Eugene Braunwald, Kurt J. Isselbacher, Jean Wilson. 30% OFF!!  The 15 edition of this medical standard is finally here!!!! 

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (2 Volume Set (2 Vol Set)  30% OFF.

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine - CDROM Version

Cecil Textbook of Medicine (20th Ed) by Russell L. Cecil (Editor), Fred Plum (Editor), J. Claude Bennett

Cecil's Textbook of Medicine (2 Vol Set)This is another well known and respected text covering internal medicine. Believe it or not the two volume addition is cheaper than the single volume if you use this link.

Cecil Essentials of Medicine by Russell L. Cecil (Editor), J. Claude, Md Bennett, Charles C. Carpenter, Thomas E. Andreoli 


Heart Disease; A Textbook Of Cardiovascular Medicine by Braunwald, Eugene

Opting Out by Bruce Harris 

This book comes recommended by a visitor to the BOOKMARC. "This novel deals with issues in private practice surgery and should be of interest to medical students, residents and interns. Demographic group that would be interested in this book overlaps exactly with the books profiled above." 

 Where There Is No Doctor A great reference for anyone traveling in the third world. This book describes many simple medical procedures that can be done without a high tech healthcare facility available. A must for healthcare workers in less developed areas of the world.  Becoming a Doctor : A Journey of Initiation in Medical School by Melvin, M.D. Konner

One perspective on the medical school experience in which the author addresses the question of whether one should go to medical school at all.

The Comming Plague In her book Laura Garrett describes the re-emergence of the importance of infectious diseases to medical practice in the United States. TB, AIDS, Ebola virus, the swine flu, and toxic shock syndrome are among the topics she discusses. in this book The House of God. This top selling novel gives a very cynical look at first year residency in the United States. Is the practice of medicine really as bad as described in this book? My humble guess is that there is less sex during the real thing than is described by Samuel Shem.
Campbell's Urology by Meredith F. Campbell (Editor), Alan B. Retik (Editor), E. Darraco Vaughan. This is a pretty good deal if you don't have to pay taxes, and shipping is only about $4.

Te Linde's Operative Gynecology by Rock, John A. (Edt)/ Thompson, John D. (Edt)

 Diagnostic and Therapy Manuals

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders : Dsm-IVIf you are in psych, you might as well get this book.  Otherwise, I am not convinced.

Conn's Current Therapy 1998; Latest Approved Methods Of Treatment  by Rakel, Robert E.

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 1998 (37th Ed) by Lawrence M., Md Tierney, Stephen J., MD McPhee (editor), max Papadakis, Maxine A. Papadakis

Guides for Residencies

Getting into a Residency : A Guide for Medical Students by Kenneth V. Iserson.  There are some statistics in this book and good suggestions on getting where you want to be. 

First Aid for the Match : Insider Advice from Students and Residency Directorsby Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan, Chirag Amin, Kieu Nguyen, David Altman 20% OFF!

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